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Provide the scene, and meet the talent you want.

You’re not just posting a job, you’re providing a big picture of the arts field for the future arts managers.
We’re glad that we can be a help for the process of meeting new talents in the arts!

Job in the Arts is advertised through websites and social medias where artists and arts managers gather and network. As this platform is targeted to those who are highly interested and highly engaged in the arts and arts management sector, the probability of getting right candidates for your company is quite impressive than you’d think!

Applicants’ information along with their resumes will be stored in your posting management tool – Job Dashboard – well organized, neat, and clear. You can manage multiple postings in one place as well as multiple candidates for a position at once.

We understand how important it is to hire the right person at your company! We provide 1 posting for 30 days at $29.99, 5 postings for 3 months at $49.99, and 20 postings for 1 year at $89.99. 
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