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Awake the artistic genius within.

We know you’ve been training yourself and waiting to devote yourself to the field of arts where your passion lies in.
It is time for you to begin the new journey and we cross our fingers for your bright future!

Yes. There are lots of positions. And you want to tap into cities in East Coast and West Coast at the same time. You want to see the big picture of the field what genres and/or departments are possibilities. You can search for your next job in the arts by category, by cities, by type of work, by areas of expertise filtered by salary or rate of compensation.

Also you can easily upload your resume by one-click to link to your Linkedin account, thanks to LinkedIn.

You shouldn’t waste your time with unnecessary-clicking and multiple-typing to navigate the site. Not to mention when you have to come back and search for the position you wanted again and again.

We allow Bookmark and Alert function to help you; to get back to the posting after browsing for more; and receive updates on the position you’re interested.

Applying for multiple jobs?

We understand you’re good at curating, great at marketing,and unbelievable at writing. Each position is unique and different organizations require different skill-sets.

You can create as many resumes as you need and manage in your dashboard and use the right resume when applying.